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Another Gaze Editions is a publishing imprint created by Missouri Williams and Daniella Shreir, the editors of Another Gaze, a journal of film and feminisms. Launched in late 2022, it focuses on new translations or editions of works (both fiction and non-fiction) by women: including filmmakers or those whose texts have formed the basis for well known films; collections of writing by film critics; and monographs of single films and filmmakers.

* News:

15.02.23 – *New Release*

— This December: Marguerite Duras’ My Cinema (Le cinéma que je fais) a collection of writings by and interviews with Duras about her filmmaking, first published in French by P.O.L. in 2021 and translated into English by Daniella Shreir.

01.12.01 – *New Release*

— On February 16, Another Gaze Editions will publish Lorenza Mazzetti’s first novel, The Sky is Falling (Il cielo cade) in a new translation by Livia Franchini.

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—Title: Suzaki Paradise

—Author: Yoshiko Shibaki (tr. Polly Barton)

—Release: Autumn/Winter 2024


my cinema.png


—Title: My Cinema

—Author: Marguerite Duras (tr. Daniella Shreir)

—Release: December 2023

—ISBN: 978 1 7384609 0 8



—Title: The Sky is Falling

—Author: Lorenza Mazzetti (tr. Livia Franchini)

—Release: February 2023

—ISBN: 978 1 3999 3735 1

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